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Please read the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or telephone +48 509 044 194.

  1. Accepting the quote and regulations by the Client is considered equal to submitting the order.
  2. One standard page of translation is 1800 characters, spaces included.
  3. The fee is calculated for each started page of the source text.
  4. The quote is free, on the basis of the sent documents.
  5. In the case of interpreting services performed outside Poznań the Client shall pay travel expenses and cover the cost of accommodation for the Interpreter.
  6. Method of payment: the payment should be made within 7 days of the bill date.
  7. In the case of interpreting, four hours is the basic unit of account. Interpreter's working time shall be counted from the time at which s/he was ordered, to the time at which s/he finished interpreting.
  8. Making any kind of use of the translation before making payment - including the transmission or making the translations available to third parties - shall be considered as accepting the translation by the Client with no reservations.
  9. Copyright to the translation shall be transferred directly to the Client after s/he paid the full remuneration as set out amount on the basis of a bill.
  10. All the contents of the texts being translated shall be treated as confidential and they shall not be shared in any way with third parties.
  11. Should enforcing the payment from the Client for the performed services require engaging law firms, debt collection agencies or others, the Client shall bear the full costs and commissions charged by the above mentioned companies and agencies.
  12. The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply to any matters not regulated hereby.