wersja polska
wersja angielska
  Regular mode Express Mode
Translation EN -> PL PLN 38 / page PLN 44 / page
Translation PL-> EN PLN 39 / page PLN 45 / page
Simultaneous interpretation PLN 500 / 4h
PLN 1100 / 8h
Consecutive interpretation PLN 500 / 4h
PLN 1100 / 8h
Liaison PLN 500 / 4h
PLN 1000 / 8h
  1. One standard page of translation is 1800 characters, spaces included.
  2. The services provided by MKEnglish are not subject to VAT, thus the prices in the table are gross prices.
  3. The price depends on the text (difficulty, technical terms etc.) and may be higher by 10%.
  4. Regular mode is 7 pages a day, express mode is 8-9 pages a day.
  5. The quote is free, on the basis of the sent documents.
  6. Accepting the quote and regulations by the Client is considered equal to submitting the order.
  7. Large (above 50 pages) and regular orders will be given discounts.
  8. Method of payment: the payment should be made within 7 days of the bill date.
  9. The above price list is not equivalent to a trade offer defined in art. 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code.