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Because of the fact that conference interpreting is quite complex, I decided to post on my site a few terms to help you choose the most appropriate type of interpretation:

  1. Booth interpretation - simultaneous interpretation, which takes place in a booth. Interpreters always work in pairs and change every half hour, as interpretation in the booth consumes a lot of energy and requires a lot of concentration. While one person is interpreting the second is continuously monitoring everything, noting down numbers and names.
  2. Consecutive interpreting - it is the type of interpreting in which the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking.
  3. Liaison - the type of interpreting, where, as in the case of consecutive interpreting the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking, however, the individual sections to be interpreted are shorter than for consecutive interpreting (only 1-3 sentences).
  4. Whispered interpretation (whisper, chuchotage in French) - the oldest type of simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter sits next to his client and whispers "to the ear." This type of simultaneous interpretation is done without the use of the booth.

I cooperate with professional conference interpreters, which guarantees high quality interpretation.

Interpretation should be perfect both into the foreign language and the mother tongue. The purity of language, the register, intonation and the tone of voice makes that interpretation perfect, and the interpreter becomes almost "invisible".

I always pay attention to all these aspects, fairly preparing myself for work. I try to be "invisible" so that my customers are fully satisfied with my interpretation and able to focus exclusively on business conversations, speeches and conferences.